WATCH: Fox’s Chris Wallace grills GOP congressman on IRS investigation: ‘Where’s the evidence?’

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday this week, Charles Boustany (R-LA) was grilled by host Chris Wallace on the GOP’s ongoing investigation in which it’s alleged that the IRS unfairly targeted conservative Tea Party groups.

Wallace noted the failure of the House Oversight & Government Reform and Ways and Means Committee to find any evidence of a White House-directed conspiracy. Boustany, a member of the Ways and Means committee’s GOP majority, still could offer no evidence of any high-level wrongdoing.

After Boustany dodged Wallace’s initial question, the Fox News host pressed further:

“Congressman, let me interrupt you, too, if I may. Because a lot of people — including some Republicans — some of your colleagues say that your committee and the House Oversight Committee have blown this because of the fact that you should have given Lois Lerner immunity,” Wallace said. “I mean, let’s face it — nobody really cares what Lois Lerner did. The question is, did she get it from higher ups or just the decision by a mid level bureaucrat in the IRS? Why not give her immunity a year ago under subject of penalty of perjury and say were you given direction by anybody above you?”

Well, that is a debatable point and it’s worthy of discussion,” Boustany replied. “But the fact is we’re still being obstructed by the IRS. We’ve now gone through two — we have two confirmed IRS Commissioners and two acting commissioners and we have still not gotten all the documents that we need to conclude this investigation. The fact is, I want to follow the facts, on this, from the ground up starting with the Cincinnati office. We’ve had good interviews.

“You’ve had a year, sir. You’ve had a year,” Wallace shot back.

Watch the exchange in the video below:

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