WATCH: Graffiti tagger defaces R&B artist’s mural right in front of him

Visiting the UK to promote his new album, R&B artist Jason Derulo commissioned a mural to be painted at Waterloo Tunnels in London. The work was impressive; it was a large portrait of his profile with brilliant colors — all the typical visuals that come with a self-absorbed commercial musician.

He invited his Twitter followers to come down and take photos of him and the mural, looking to get some extra promotion for the album. But what happened next wasn’t quite the publicity Derulo and his minders were expecting.

A video has surfaced of a graffiti writer defacing the mural — as Derulo, his entourage and fans look on.

In the video, Derulo, who is wearing a grey hoodie, can be seen standing in front of the mural talking to fans. Then, an unassuming fellow appears and casually walks up to the wall, brandishes a spray-paint can, and proceeds to paint what looks to be a penis entering the mural subject’s mouth. The defacer tops it all off with his graffiti signature.

Graffiti art has long been adopted by advertisers to give their artists and products a certain urban “edge.” But judging from the comment section of the video, the spray-paint assailant was trying to make a statement for graffiti artists who do their work for no reward and risk arrest and prosecution.

Either way, it was a tense moment that was all caught on video.

Watch it:

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