Watch Ken Ham compare Bill Nye to Satan who offers people the forbidden fruit of knowledge

In a video released one day after his debate with Bill Nye, young earth creationist Ken Ham compared his opponent to Satan offering Eve the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge — bringing about the fall of man.

“Here is the difference,” Ham said. “We are saying that we start with the word of God who knows everything and has always been there, and so he gives us the key information we need to have the ability to build a correct world view, to approach the understanding of reality in the right way.”

“Whereas Bill Nye is saying, ‘No, it’s autonomous human reasoning, it’s autonomous man, there is no God. I’m the reasonable man, and so I’m going to come up with these explanations because I decide – you know, trust me, I’m the authority. You don’t trust God. God’s not the authority. I am. Man is the authority,’” he continued.

Ham then went on to suggest that Nye was operating like Satan did towards Eve in the biblical creation myth.

“Trust God, or you become like God,” Ham explained. “There has been a battle since Genesis 3 between God’s word and man’s word. It’s always been a battle over authority. Who is the authority? God or man?

Ham explained that Satan is using Nye – just as he did Eve – to turn man away from God and to trust in his own rationale to understand the world.

“And what is the method [Satan] used on Eve?” Ham asked, insinuating that Nye played the role of the tempter during the debate, offering the fruit of knowledge to people who subscribe to a young, 6,000 year-old earth.

“That was the battle that played out here on this stage.”

Watch below, via The Raw Story:

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