WATCH: Police officer helps light a giant joint at Washington pot festival

It’s a sight that would have been unthinkable just two years ago. But after the states of Colorado and Washington decriminalized marijuana in 2012, people are becoming more confident in their public displays of their love with the leaf — even asking police officers to join in.  

For an event in Washington State called the NW Harvest Fest, a bunch of stoners traveled to the forest to get really wasted and roll some giant joints. After rolling a doobie that had about two pounds of weed in it, the baked festival attendees were at a loss (not surprisingly) as to how to light the monstrosity.

Luckily, a friendly police officer with a blowtorch was on hand, kindly offered the tool, and held the joint while another fellow lit it up. The cop even blew on it to help get it burning.  


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