Watch Samuel L. Jackson epically punish a reporter who mistook him for Laurence Fishburne (UPDATED)

WARNING: This interview is extremely painful to watch.

This morning, a Los Angeles news anchor mistook Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne, and Jackson completely lost it — on live TV.

Jackson appeared for an interview about his new movie “RoboCop” this morning on KTLA. In a horrible bit of bad fortune for entertainment anchor Sam Rubin, he decided to ask Sam Jackson about his new Super Bowl commercial.

But the problem was that Jackson didn’t do a Super Bowl commercial this year. That was Laurence Fishburne. The misidentification caused Jackson to put Rubin in one of the worst hot seat situations we’ve ever seen on live TV.

Rubin desperately tried to apologize, but Jackson wouldn’t let him off the hook.




Later that day, Rubin made matters worse for himself when he phoned into the gossip news outfit TMZ (who originally broke the story), complaining on how they spun the events. He soon found himself the target of TMZ staffer “Evan” who didn’t take to the KTLA anchor’s critique.



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