WATCH: This CCTV video of the 2011 Japanese tsunami is the most terrifying yet

Some terrifying footage of the 2011 Japanese tsunami has recently resurfaced, demonstrating how quickly the devastation overtook towns and roads —  many of which were occupied by a high rate of traffic.

The previously-unseen footage was taken by CCTV cameras that were placed along Route 45 in Iwate Prefecture. The MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Travel and Tourism) published the video in a slightly sped-up form, since the original videos were at a very slow frame-rate.

The footage shows how quickly the rushing waves slammed into towns and highways, sweeping up cars and homes in a matter of seconds. At one point in the footage, civilians can been seen slamming on their brakes as an oncoming rush of water becomes visible on the highway, then turning around to escape as the waves trail behind them in what looks to be only a matter of a few feet.

Watch it:

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