Racist dumbass tries to burn EU flag but fails due to EU’s fire-retardant regulations

In March of 2015, a video of an apparent anti-European Union activist trying to burn a fire-retardant flag has made its way around the internet and people are having a field day. In the video, the activist ranted about the fall of the European Union and of Britain due to mass immigration and the then-recent wave of censorship.

The unidentified activist was believed to be associated with the far-right white nationalist group “Bolton North West Infidels.” The video shows him standing in front of the EU flag wearing a balaclava.

“The European Union is corrupt to the core,” he proclaimed. “It’s here to take away our nationality, our identity, our free speech and our sovereignty. Its forced mass immigration is genocide on the British people. Its main aim is to wipe us and our country out. We want no part of it. Get us out now.”

The rant ended with, “Keep Britain British! Rule Britannia!” and he then tried to light the flag on fire with a small cigarette lighter. But unbeknownst to him, European fire safety regulations call for all flags to be manufactured with fire-retardant materials.

Watch the video below:

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