Watch this GOP congressman openly admit that voter ID laws will help his party’s nominee

Wisconsin Representative Glenn Grothman responded to a question from TMJ4’s Charles Benson on whether Republicans will be able to win Wisconsin come election time.

Grothman, in a moment of rarely seen political honesty, admitted that a voter ID law passed in 2011 will give whoever the GOP nominee is a leg up in November.

“You know that a lot of Republicans, since 1984 in the presidential races, have not been able to win in Wisconsin,” Benson said. “Why would it be any different for Ted Cruz, or a Donald Trump?”

Grothman then called Hillary Clinton the “weakest candidate” that the democratic party has put forth, adding that “now we have photo ID, and I think photo ID is gonna make a little bit of a difference as well.”

The voter ID law that Grothman referenced limits the form of identification that individuals can use to cast a ballot. The law is seen as one of the strictest in the country.

From HuffPo:

An estimated 300,000 registered voters in Wisconsin, 9 percent of the electorate, were considered at risk of being disenfranchised in Tuesday’s primaries. The law in Wisconsin, and in other states with similar rules on the books, predominantly affects certain groups: African-Americans, the poor, elderly individuals and students.

Guarding against voter fraud, promoting voter integrity, and even increasing turnout are common arguments favoring voter ID laws used by conservatives. But according to The New York Times and other known studiesthere is no evidence of voter fraud being a rampant problem.

Conservative Judge Richard A. Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit blatantly said the the law is equivalent to a “poll tax.”

“There is only one motivation for imposing burdens on voting that are ostensibly designed to discourage voter-impersonation fraud, and that is to discourage voting by persons likely to vote against the party responsible for imposing the burdens,” Posner wrote in an opinion piece.

The Voter ID law contributed to hours-long lines at polling stations in which candidates Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders won.

Watch the exchange in the video below:

[HuffPo] Featured image via screen grab

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