WATCH: This is the most awkward, self-centered ‘on air’ marriage proposal ever

This Thursday morning on Today, Al Roker was about to do the weather when he suddenly took a slight detour and introduced a woman who wanted to talk about her non-profit work.

Simone Jhingoor was clearly excited to talk about the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation, an extremely noble cause — when out of nowhere her boyfriend appeared, rudely ripped the microphone from Roker, and launched into an awkwardly self-centered speech which later evolved into a marriage proposal.

Jhingoor was visibly annoyed. Her boyfriend, Chirag Shah, after making the entire moment about him, got down on one knee as their friends cheered behind them. She said “yes,” fixed her hair and gave him somewhat of a stiff hug.

So just to recap: Jhingoor was brought to New York by her boyfriend, thinking that she was getting an opportunity to talk about her non-profit work to millions of people on national television; when her big moment finally arrived, she gets interrupted by her boyfriend who begins a speech with a theme about, ‘MY vision, MY purpose,’ and watches her chance to promote her non-profit work turn into a cheesy, over-the-top wedding proposal.  

Epic fail.

Watch the awkwardness unfold in the video below:

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