Watch this right wing Christian televangelist tell a caller on his show to commit suicide

Bill Keller is a right wing televangelist who is well-known for his rants against homosexuality. But he took his controversial rhetoric to another level recently when he suggested that a caller on his show commit suicide.

Keller, who has collaborated with other big names from the religious right such as Janet Porter and Rick Wiles, told the caller (who he identified as “Josh”) that he should think about suicide and that it might “help the world” if he killed himself.

Although the caller’s comments were inaudible, it’s probably a safe bet that some choice words he had for Keller are what angered him.

Later in the video, another caller identified as “Bill” (whose comments were also inaudible) seemingly called Keller out on his advice the previous caller. Keller tried to deny that he actually told the caller to commit suicide, and reiterated his belief that suicide is a sin.


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