WATCH: Unbelievable display of racism caught on tape during U.S. television game show

Here’s video showing what is probably the most blatant display of outright racism that has ever been aired on a television game show.

Ironically, the name of the show was “Without Prejudice” and aired for a short time on the Game Show Network about three years ago. The show was originally created in the U.K., and the video clip below is from the pilot episode of the U.S. version.

The object of the show was to get a group of five strangers to decide which member of another group of five strangers should receive a prize of $25,000. The contestants were only allowed to make their decisions based on their opinions from snippets of videotape that they were shown.

In this clip, one of the contestants shocks the rest of the panel with his opinion of “Michael,” another contestant who the group was evaluating.


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