Weeping caller tells Rush Limbaugh: ‘I would die for Trump’

During a recent episode of Rush Limbaugh’s show, he took a call from a distraught man lamenting what he says is an election stolen from President Trump.

The man, with emotion emanating from his voice, said Trump voters in Georgia should be “very afraid.”

“Trump and you are all we have left, Rush,” the man said. “We’ve spent our lives voting for these people because they’re not them, and we just can’t do it anymore.”

The man complained that he lives in a “Republican-controlled state” that “won’t do an audit of the vote.”

“They just basically told every Georgian that they don’t care,” he said, adding that he was at the “Million MAGA March” in D.C. on Saturday but didn’t see one Republican politician. “None!”

“No one stands for us, Rush — only you and Donald Trump!” the man continued, emotion rising in his voice again. “God forbid — what do we have left? I love my president. I am not a revolutionary, Rush, but I would die for my president.”

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Sky Palma

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