Wendy’s manager fires man with Down syndrome after 20 years: ‘He couldn’t do his job like a normal person’

Outrage is growing after North Carolina man who has Down syndrome was fired from job at a local Wendy’s after being employed there for 20 years, ABC13 reports.

Dennis Peek was reportedly planning to retire working at the Wendy’s restaurant in Gaston County, but now his family is speaking out after he was allegedly fired without warning, claiming that the location’s manager said “he wasn’t able to do his job like a normal person.”

“I’m out here because I need to be his voice for the way he was treated,” Peek’s sister Cona Turner said. “He don’t understand and we can’t tell him he was terminated. We have not told him and we won’t tell him.”

After a post she made describing her brother’s situation went viral on Facebook, Turner said the management group that runs the restaurant contacted her and said her brother could have his job back as early as next week, but she said that he likely won’t be returning.

“Dennis will not be returning to Wendy’s, He will be having his BIG RETIREMENT party that he has been wanting,” she wrote on Facebook. “Wendy’s has offered to help with expenses and anything else they can for his special day.”

Sky Palma

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