When asked, Paul Ryan couldn’t name one thing he’d accomplish as Speaker of the House

Newly appointed Speaker of the House Paul Ryan appeared on Meet the Press this Sunday, where Chuck Todd asked him an important question for any newly elected official: “Give me something that you think you can do in the next six months, one issue… Give me one thing that the country will be impressed with.”

Ryan was unable to answer. He instead deflected the question with a laundry list of GOP buzzwords and topical issues:

“The economy, working families are falling behind. The economy is stale. Poverty– there are around 46 million people still living in poverty. Our foreign policy is a disaster. We’ve got to offer alternatives to these things. Obamacare, I mean, look at the disaster that the rollout of Obamacare continues to be. I think we owe the American people a very specific agenda for how we would do things differently on these issues.”

The plan is simple: oppose the Democrats on every issue. Todd attempted to even suggest answers to Ryan as he asked the question, wondering if Ryan would work with, or even confront, the President.

Ryan’s non-answer was mainly an attack on the President and the Democrats on every level. Ryan later called Obama “untrustworthy” multiple times and the debate, and said he would not work on immigration reform with him.


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