White high school students unfurl Confederate flag — Black students suspended for planning protest

Last week, a group of students at Coosa High School in Rome, Georgia, were caught on video waving a Confederate flag and hurling racial slurs. The students were commemorating “farm day” on school spirit day, which led up to homecoming, and did not face any repercussions, CBS 46 Atlanta reports. 

According to student protesters, only Black students were suspended. 

From The Hill:

“The administration is aware of tomorrow’s planned protest,” the administrator said over the intercom before the planned demonstration. “Police will be present here at school and if students insist on encouraging this kind of activity they will be disciplined for encouraging unrest.”

Two white students participating in the Friday protest were not suspended, even though they claimed to be as disruptive as the Black students, CBS reported..

In Floyd county, where the county the school resides, 8 percent of Black students were suspended, the highest number. CBS reported. 

Six percent of students with two or more races were suspended; 4 percent of white students were suspended and 2 percent of Hispanic students were suspended.

Watch CBS 46 Atlanta’s report on the story below:

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