White man calls black man the N-word while his girlfriend tries to assault him as he records

A video posted to Reddit shows an angy and possibly drunk woman being held back by another woman and a male companion as she tried to attack a man who was video recording her inside a casino.

It’s not known what transpired before the man started recording, but the woman can be seen trying to get at the man while she’s being held back.

“Record me!” the woman says.

“He’s a f***ing loser,” her male companion can be heard saying. ‘

“Where the f*** are you from?” the woman says to the man as she kicks at him.

Eventually, her male companion stands up and tries to hold her back, seemingly trying to talk some sense into her, but at one point, he turns to the man and says, “Stop being a little b**ch, you f***ing n***er.”

Watch the video below:

Intoxicated and Racist Couple Triggered After an African American Man Sits Next to Them at the Casino
by u/SuckableBobs in PublicFreakout

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