Caught on Video

White man uses N-word towards Black man in a bar and learns a very hard lesson

While details are slim, a video posted to Reddit today shows a man learning what happens when you insist on being an open racist towards someone who will not think twice about giving you a hard dose of reality. It’s kinda hard to watch, but lessons are sometimes hard.

The video, titled, “A SOUTH CAROLINA BLACK HISTORY LESSON,” shows a White man standing near a bar inside a restaurant who was apparently engaged in a verbal confrontation with a Black man. The video starts with the Black man yelling, “Let’s go outside!” to which the White man, with a female companion trying to restrain him, foolishly responds, “There’s a difference between Blacks and n*****s.”

As the entire restaurant erupts in disbelief, the Black man charges the bar and starts landing vicious open-handed slaps to the White man’s head and face, causing him to crumple against the bar’s surface.

As panicked onlookers scrambled, the slaps kept coming. “Who the f*** you calling a n*****?” A child could be heard crying in the background as the situation escalated.

The White man apparently couldn’t keep his mouth shut, so he got a second helping of a few more slaps with a final shove that sent him crashing to the floor.

Watch the video below:

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