White nationalist Nick Fuentes: ‘If I was in a room with Hitler and Black guy, me and Hitler would team up and kill him’

In a recent livestream, Holocaust denier and former Kanye West surrogate Nick Fuentes went on another one of his bizarre racist rants, this time talking about how great he thinks Hitler is.

In a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch, Fuentes demanded to know why he should care about anything Hitler did decades ago when a Black tosses trash outside his window in the car in front of him.

In Fuentes’ perfect world, that man would be “dragged from his car and beaten to death by the public.”

“You’re telling me I’m supposed to hate Hitler?” Fuentes said. “This guy is throwing garbage in my neighborhood. This guy is driving around like a disgusting animal, throwing wrappers out of his window. This is in my neighborhood. I’m supposed to mad at Hitler? I’m supposed to be cross with Hitler? I want this guy dead, and I wish Hitler would kill him.”

“I’m supposed to be mad at Hitler because of some fantastical Hollywood story about a gas chamber that looks like a shower? Give me a break,” he continued, seemingly denying the Holocaust once again. “If I was in a room with Hitler and that guy, me and Hitler would team up and fuck that guy up. We would kill that guy. Hitler would hold him down and I would beat him to death.”

Watch the video below via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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