Caught On Tape

White rioter causing damage swarmed and unmasked by protesters and handed over to cops

For the third night in a row, protests and violence wracked Washington D.C., with multiple fires breaking out on Sunday. In protest hot spots around the country, signs of division inside the groups of mostly young people roaming the streets is being documented on video.

Black protesters and their allies are increasingly calling out non-black people, usually dressed in black and wearing masks, who are found at protest spots causing damage. One video out of D.C. posted to Twitter by journalist Safvan Allahverdi shows a group of men spotting a rioter dressed in black who was smashing a curb with a hammer.

“Get the white people!” one man yells as another grabs the rioter from behind.

Soon after, four men wrestle the rioter to the ground, pull off his mask, and seize the hammer from his hand. At one point the rioter calls for help, possibly to an accomplice who was looking on.

The group then carries the man over to a group of police officers on the corner where they take him into custody.

Watch the video below:

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