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White supremacist Jason Kessler gets yelled at by his dad while livestreaming

Jason Kessler is the organizer behind the Unite the Right rallies; one that took place in Charlottesville last year where a young woman was killed by a white supremacist, and the other one that took place in D.C. this weekend that was a total flameout.

While having a livestream discussion with neo-Nazi former Senate Candidate Patrick Little, we got a little window into the inadequate lives that this white supremacist firebrand leads. Apparently, he’s still attached to the proverbial teat of his parents.

As the two talked about their issues with Jews, Kessler can be seen gesturing towards someone off camera. Then a voice says, “Hey, you get out of my room!”

“Sorry, I’m having an issue here,” Kessler tells Little.

“You got a drunk roommate there?” Little asks.

“Something like that,” Kessler responds before the voice yells at him again.

“Don’t push me like that in my room!” the voice says.

Kessler then explains that the voice off camera is his dad, who has some issues with his son’s views.

“I’ve got someone who supports, uh, orthodox, Israeli — we’re at a cross hairs on that stuff,” Kessler explained.

“I want this to stop!” his dad yelled. “This is my room, Jason, this is my room.”

Kessler then explained that his family watches the History Channel and gets exposed to a lot of “anti-German propaganda.”

“I’m stuck in a situation where I have to stay with my family because I’m paying for all these lawsuits and I can’t afford to do that without staying with my family, but they’re cucked,” he said.

A clip of the exchange was posted to Twitter, where it was a big hit.

The comments were golden:

It must be hard to advocate for the master race then you still have to leach off you parents.

Featured image via screen grab


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