White supremacist posters pop up around Southern California city college

White supremacist posters were found around a Southern Californian community college early Thursday morning.

According to KEYT, chemistry professor Raeanne Napoleon noticed the signs plastered on street poles near the entrance of Santa Barbara City College and immediately reported it to the school administration.

“I don’t know what made me notice the sign, but something made me stop and read it,” said Napoleon. “It wasn’t particularly big. It wasn’t colorful. It was black and white, but something about the sign made me stop and read it.”

“I started reading the small print associated with it and the language and it was saying. It was extremely problematic almost instantly. I knew right away it was clearly a white supremacy advertisement,” said Napoleon.

Administration officials are concerned about the posters and plan to bring up the issue at the SBCC Board of Trustees meeting. It’s unclear who posted the flyers but the American Vanguard Organization’s web address was printed on it.

This news comes just a week after the college adopted a resolution that ensures all their students would be safe on campus, particularly DACA and undocumented students. Staff members are instructed to direct any inquiries regarding SBCC students from law enforcement such as ICE to the campus administration.

“I think it’s out of anger and misinformation that whoever did it needs to get some major education, learn more and realize that what they’re saying is not just morally wrong, but flat out untrue,” said one SBCC student who saw the posters.

KEYT reached out to American Vanguard, who gave the following statement:

American Vanguard’s mission is the establishment of a white homeland in North America. This is a goal shared by many college students today, indicated by the dozens of universities across the country where our organization is active.

Featured image via screen grab (KETY)

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