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White supremacist TikTok star sobs as judge sentences him to prison

A man who called for a race war to thousands of this social media followers was sentenced this Tuesday to almost three years in prison on multiple firearms crimes, NBC Miami reports.

Paul Nicholas Miller, 33, reportedly sobbed as the judge handed down his sentence.

After he’s done serving his sentence, Miller will be subject to three years of supervised release for possessing a firearm as a convicted felon in 2018, possessing ammunition as a convicted felon in 2021, and possessing an unregistered short-barreled rifle in 2021.

“Miller admitted that he had bought the ammunition and that he had tried to build his own rifle in part to learn about firearms manufacturing in preparation for a coming civil war,” prosecutors said in a news release. “In the months immediately before his arrest, Miller had made hundreds of internet posts publicizing his animosity towards various minority groups and his support for the initiation of a race-based civil war in the United States.”

Investigators say his posts on the social media platform TikTok show Miller regularly used racial slurs while dressed as comic book characters such as The Joker.

According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Miller is a “volatile white supremacist-accelerationist.”

“The concerning thing about his is that he seems to feel it’s necessary to become more and more extreme to keep his [social media followers] interested,” said the ADL’s Carla Hill. “There’s red flags — there’s the red flag that he’s using violent rhetoric; there’s the red flag that he has a criminal past; there’s a red flag that he has weapons … he expressed the need for a race war, that he was ready for that.”

Watch NBC Miami’s report on the story:

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