Why is a book written by a muckraking journalist more a danger to Trump than the rule of law?

Michael Wolff has a garbage reputation as a muckraking tabloid journalist. In one sense, it’s almost poetic justice that a reality TV president with no interest in actual truth or facts or what government should even look like should be brought down by a journalist who has a shady history when it comes to credibility. (Roxane Gay has tweeted that the book is riddled with typos. Really? Do better, Tell-All Book Authors.)

In another sense, this is the United States government, and the whole thing is actually horrifying.

Maybe we’re too desensitized at this point. A year of Donald Trump as president will do that. But what is funny about a president who can’t make it through the Bill of Rights without his eyes rolling back from boredom? What is funny about a president who needs constant adulation, who needs to be told not to give his own children jobs, who is surrounded by aides that think he is literally unfit to be president?

Of course, this is all assuming the book is a wholly accurate account. It might not be. What is definitely true is that our president is now having a week-long temper tantrum about a book that claims his wife cried tears of grief when he was named president. He is referring to himself as a “stable genius” and defends himself by explaining that he is “one of the top business people,” whatever in the actual fuck that even means.

Michael Wolff is, of course, claiming that this might be what brings down Trump’s presidency. If that is the case, that sucks.

Trump is still talking about building a wall on the Mexican border, which is such an insane “policy” idea that it should really be disqualifying in and of itself, but I guess I get why it’s not.

Trump made it very clear that he doesn’t understand the difference between health insurance and life insurance, which should be disqualifying in and of itself, but whatever.

Trump has repeatedly declared his disdain for the Geneva Conventions, which should be disqualifying in and of itself, but fine.

Trump has basically admitted to obstruction of justice via Twitter and then acted like his stupid lawyer got a hold of his account, but that’s neither here nor there.

Trump has almost gotten us into nuclear war multiple times because he cannot keep off the internet, but no, it’s THIS book that’s apparently the issue.

It might be fun to watch Trump self-destruct over gossipy tell-all book claims, but mostly, we have to remember – this is the man who currently represents our country, and we have done nothing to stop him yet.

What an utter fucking embarrassment.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore 

Caitlin Cohen

Caitlin Cohen graduated from Boston University with a degree in History. She has written for DeadState for three and a half years. She technically speaks French. She lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend and has big plans to one day get a dog.