Widely-hyped Tucker Carlson biography only sells 3,000 copies in first week

A widely hyped biography of former Fox News host Tucker Carlson is showing abysmal sale numbers the first week of its release, The Guardian reported.

Publishers Weekly reports that Tucker by Chadwick Moore sold just 3,227 copies in its first week after it was published on Aug. 1.

Carlson gave extensive interviews for the book and cooperated with its production. The book tells the story of Carlson’s surprise firing by Fox News in the wake of the over $787 million settlement between Fox and Dominion Voting Systems over claims made in the network regarding unproven claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election, according to The Guardian’s report.

Moore’s biography contains much more on Carlson’s controversial career as a face of the American hard right, much of it trailed or reported on by outlets including the Guardian.


Striking passages include Carlson denying being racist but saying to be so is not a crime, and the host’s defence of using the word “c**t”, a preference which came up in the Dominion case regarding a description of Sidney Powell, a lawyer advising Trump about supposed electoral fraud.


In Moore’s biography, Carlson says the abusive term is “one of my favorite words … super naughty, but it’s to the point”.

Carlson claims in the book that his firing was part of the settlement.

Carlson now broadcasts his show on X, formerly known as Twitter. He reportedly is still under contract with Fox.

Sky Palma

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