Will Ferrell’s Bush impression is more electable than the 2016 GOP candidates

Will Ferrell made yet another triumphant return to Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Let’s not argue about what kind of president George W. Bush was. There are too many people who legit think we found weapons of mass destruction, so let’s not ruin the clip below. The point is, I miss the guy we loved to misunderestimate.

That’s why it was such a joy to watch Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush impression return to Saturday Night Live last night. Ferrell’s Bush is one of the all-time great impressions, adding a childish naiveté, flights of fancy, and sometimes a dash of self-awareness to create a character I actually would love to have a beer with.

Ferrell starts off announcing a run for President in 2016, claiming the race is so ridiculous he’d be welcomed back with open arms. His first target is Dr. Ben Carson, who speaks too low. That’s not gonna fly in China or Azerbaijan, where you have to speak louder so they can understand you.

He moved on to Carly Fiorina, who he likes because “she’s got guts” in that she’s running besides being wildly unqualified. His next victims are “Cruz and Rubio, or Rubio and Cruz — sounds like a Miami law firm.” He points out that despite the fact that these two are children of immigrants, they’re sure hate immigrants. “Unless your name is Running Bear or Chief Two Rivers, we’re all anchor babies,” Ferrell said to some wild applause.

Ferrell saved most of his burns for the last two candidates. He laughs to the point of “pissing his pants” at a photo of Donald Trump, mocking “the hair and the 100-foot wall,” which is the highlight of the clip. He then gets serious for just a moment, saying Trump’s plan to keep the Muslims out is “impossible to implement and not what this country is about.”

He then switches gears and reminds us of the late 1920s, when the U.S. tried to keep the Leprechauns out, and it ruined U.S.-Leprechaun relations even to this day. Why do you think you never see Leprechauns anymore?

As for Jeb!, Ferrell points out that “it’s a pretty good plot twist that I turned out to be the smart one.”

Check out the clip below:

Featured image via screen grab

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