Called Out

Witness tells Matt Gaetz that he’s using a Chinese propaganda outlet as evidence: ‘I don’t take Beijing’s propaganda at face value’

During a House Armed Services Committee hearing this Tuesday, Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz received some pushback from a witness who pointed out that he was using a Chinese propaganda outlet in his line of questioning.

While grilling under secretary of defense for policy Colin Kahl over the claim that Ukraine’s Azov Battalion was getting access to U.S. weapons, Gaetz cited an “investigative report” by the Global Times which made the claim.

“Is this the Global Times from China?” Kahl asked. Gaetz then did a double check and realized that Kahl had a point. Kahl then told the congressman that he doesn’t “take Beijing’s propaganda at face value.”

“Fair enough,” Gaetz replied. “I would agree with that assessment.”

Watch the video below:

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