Wolf Blitzer fondly remembers the classic Prince hit ‘Purple Haze’

The coverage of the beloved musician Prince’s death has run the gamut from laudatory to heartrending with just about everyone weighing to express some deep connection to the artist, who passed away at the age of 57 on Thursday.

Through the outpouring, one commentator’s feelings on the “Raspberry Beret” singer’s loss has echoed louder than just about anyone else’s. Wolf Blitzer, CNN pundit, expressed his grief by referencing a lesser known track from Prince’s extensive catalogue: the famed “Purple Haze.”

“He’s been so active over all of these years – writing music, performing, soundtracks for these motion pictures,”Blitzer said. “All of us of course remember Purple Haze, and what that did for the world of music.”

Of course, the song, which was the opening track on The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s album Are You Experienced, was in fact not written by Prince at all. Blitzer likely mistook the actual Prince song Purple Rain for the Hendrix work, leading to the gaff.

While Blitzer’s flub did lend a bit of levity to the coverage of Prince’s untimely death, tributes continue to be made the world over.

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