Woman assaults Uber driver and calls him racial slurs after being asked to wear a mask

A video posted to a California local news reporter’s Instagram profile shows three women attacking an Uber driver and berating him after he reportedly asked one of them to wear a mask.

ABC7 San Francisco’s Dion Lim reports that the driver’s name is Subhakar and is originally from Nepal. He’s been an Uber driver for three years.

“He told me was picking up three women in the Bayview yesterday afternoon and noticed one did not have a mask,” Lim wrote in her Instagram post. “He asked one to put on a mask and he says they started yelling racial slurs and taunting him.”

Subkahar then stopped the car and asked the women to get out. When they refused, he pulled into a gas station so the woman without a mask could buy one.

“Despite cancelling their ride, the women do not get out,” Lim writes. “This video is from when they refused to leave and ‘they started to threaten me’ and taking off their masks and coughing and calling him names. One even tries to steal his phone.”

Redditors noticed that an Instagram account commented on Lim’s video claiming that Subhakar “kidnapped” them. The account, @keepinupwforeign, appears to be linked to the woman who assaulted Subhakar.

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