Woman brags to cop that she kicked a disabled person’s service dog — cop then handcuffs her and places her under arrest

A video recently posted to TikTok shows an 80-year-old woman getting handcuffed and arrested after she admitted to kicking a service dog.

The footage, taken by a body-worn camera, shows an officer approaching the woman after receiving a call about the incident. The woman immediately admitted to the officer that she “kicked him in the a**,” in reference to the dog.

“I asked the man why he had the dog in here — it’s a service dog — where’s his proof?” the woman says, describing the alleged encounter. She then said the person refused to show her the dog’s credentials, before the dog “jumped on me.”

“So I turned around and I kicked him in the a**,” the woman said.

The officer then asked the woman for her ID, and proceeded to inform her that she was under arrest.

Watch the video below:


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