Woman calls 9-11 after refusing to wear mask inside store, gets shut down by the operator

A woman who was denied entry into a California pet store called 9-11, claiming that she has a “religious exemption right and God-given right” that is protected under the Civil Rights Act to ignore the store’s requirement.

Speaking to the dispatcher, the woman claims that the 1964 Civil Rights Act allows her to go maskless into businesses despite state-ordered mask mandates.

“As per the 1964 Civil Rights Act, I cannot be discriminated against,” she tells the dispatcher. “I do have a right to be able to breathe O2, not CO2, and I’m being discriminated against right now at a store.”

“I’m being told I need to wear a mask even though I have a religious exemption right and a God-given right to be able to breathe O2 and not CO,” she says before the store employee reminds her that she originally claimed to have a medical exemption.

“Medical exemption too,” she says.

The 9-11 dispatcher then puts a damper on the woman’s crusade, telling her that the store has a right to refuse her service if she’s not wearing a mask.

Watch the video below:

Mega Karen refuses to wear a mask, calls 911, gets shut down by the operator from PublicFreakout

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