Woman calls for BLM protesters to be killed — finds herself unemployed the next day

A woman who went on a racist rant against black people in a video she posted to social media has been fired by her employer, Business Insider reports.

The video was picked up by a Twitter user and immediately began to go viral.  The woman was eventually identified as Jacqueline Michele DeLuca. Her place of employment was also identified as Party City in Secaucus, New Jersey. Now, she’s out of a job.


In a statement posted on Twitter, Party City said it had “zero tolerance for this type of behavior & language,” adding that it had made the decision to “terminate” the woman’s employment.

“We condemn acts of racism, bigotry and hate,” the statement read. “Disregard for basic human rights of any kind has no place in our communities or country, and certainly not at Party City.”

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Sky Palma

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