Woman calls in false police report of ‘gang activity’ as black family visits their dad’s house

A woman from Cascade Township, Michigan reportedly called in a false report to police, claiming “gang activity” was going down in her neighborhood. But as Fox17 reports, the alleged gang activity was simply a woman dropping off her kids at their father’s home for the weekend.

Patricia Elena says this is the first time she’s encountered the woman, Tammy Postma, who’s been known to lurk around her ex-boyfriend’s home. When Postma began hurling slurs, Elena asked her to calm down for the sake the kids. That’s when Postma became angry and took out her phone to call police. Elena took out her phone as well, but only to capture the incident on video.

“She stormed across her yard and said, ‘Get out, you don’t belong here go back to the ghetto,'” Elena said.

Luckily for Postma, police let her off with a warning for calling in a false police report.

When Fox13 asked Postma about why she made the call, she replied that she “had a couple drinks.”

But Elena says Postma’s claim of being a little buzzed wasn’t an excuse for her actions. She also said that she thinks the incident may have been racially motivated.

“How could you do that?” Elena said. “How could you subject to people having to live on eggshells and in fear just because of your ignorance and bigotry?”

“Meanwhile the next day my son’s asking mom, ‘What did we do wrong? Like we were just laughing.’ How do you explain that to a child?” she added.

Watch Fox17’s report below:

Featured image via screen grab

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