Woman in the path of Hurricane Florence won’t evacuate her family because there’s ‘strength in numbers’

Speaking to MSNBC this Wednesday, a North Carolina woman didn’t seem to concerned about the category 4 hurricane bearing down on her area and said she won’t be paying heed to mandatory evacuation order.

With Hurricane Florence just hours away from striking the Carolinas, MSNBC’s Kerry Sanders spoke to a woman identified as “Katie,” who said that rather than evacuate, she’s just going to “try to stay safe during the hurricane.”

“I think we are going to do everything normally,” the woman said.

“Why the decision to stay and not fall back further inland?” Sanders asked.

“From my experience, getting back into town after the storms is very difficult,” Katie replied. “Knowing that our family and friends and our home are all here, we didn’t want to leave them unprotected for a prolonged amount of time. We are going to try to stay put.”

During the interview, Katie was standing with her three young children.

She pointed out that she has “several neighbors” who are adopting the same strategy.

“We feel there is strength in numbers,” she said.

“We checked in with one another,” she added. “We are going band together and make it through.”

Needless to say, “strength in numbers” is not an advisable strategy when it comes to a category 4 hurricane. Hopefully, Katie and her family will remain safe throughout the ordeal.

According to The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple, the MSNBC reporter did the right thing by giving some last minute instructions to the kids before ending the interview.

Now, network news correspondents don’t double as scolds. Their job is to get quotes and reflections from people, and place them before the TV audience. Yet when people are stating on national television that they’re going to court death, there has to be a way to voice your concern. This Sanders did quite well. As he concluded the interview, he addressed the kids, saying, “We wish you the best of luck. Guys, hang tight to mom. Remember, if you need to get into an interior room in your house, you do that in, like, the bathroom. Get in the bathtub.”

Come on, Katie. Think this through — for your kids.


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