Woman pulls out sex toys during school board meeting: ‘This is for eighth graders’

A Wisconsin woman caused controversy at a Waukesha County school board meeting when she pulled out items from her bag that she said were “sex toys,” WISN reported.

Alexandra Schweitzer, who attended Merton School District’s board meeting on Monday, said she was defending one of the board members, Troy Anderson, after he was censured for using an expletive to describe a woman and for speaking out against the sex education policy at Wauwatosa schools.

Video of the meeting was taken down by the Merton School District, heavily edited, and then reposted. In cellphone video of the incident obtained by WISN, Schweitzer says: “So let’s look at the toys that the eighth grade has to look at. This is exactly what you guys are censuring Troy for, for this.”

She then pulled out the props she described as sex toys. When other parents at the meeting said she was being inappropriate, she disagreed.

“Why am I being interrupted? Because you don’t want to see these? Because this one has suction and a cup attached to it for an eighth grade boy to play with,” Schweitzer said. “Why is it inappropriate for a group of adults? Why is it inappropriate? This is for eighth graders.”

In a statement to WISN, Schweitzer said the “intent and purpose of my attempted statement last night was to bring awareness to the fact that children have access to these items.”

“The school board member commented on his private social media that the Waukesha teacher would be better suited in Wauwatosa. The fact that the story is a 52-year-old woman presented these in front of adults is profound, considering a neighboring school district has these very items available to middle school children,” Schweitzer said. “The story is not that this was shown to adults but that 13-year-olds have access to it.”

Watch WISN’s report on the story below:

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