Woman tries to pass off fake vaccine card at airport — gets arrested after screener notices her poor spelling

A Illinois woman who tried to pass off a fake vaccination card at the Honolulu airport in an attempt to avoid the state’s 10-day quarantine mandate has been arrested and charged for falsification of vaccine documents, KHON reports.

Chloe Mrozak showed the card to an airport screener, who noticed that “Moderna” was spelled as “Maderna” on the card.

Speaking to KHON, special agent William Lau of the Department of the Attorney General said the misspelling was “one indication, as well as other things” that officials at the airport thought were suspicious “and as part of being suspicious they did an excellent job of notifying us.”

Mrozak claimed she was vaccinated in Delaware, but when investigators contacted Delaware officials, no record of her being vaccinated was found.

“It was a joint effort that we were able to locate her, and found out when she was leaving even though she was evasive about her lodging location,” Lau told KHON.

Mrozak was arrested on Aug. 28 at the Southwest Airlines counter and booked on suspicion of falsified vaccination documents. Her bail was reportedly set at $2,000.

Sky Palma

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