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Woman tries to prove ‘vaccines make you magnetized’ theory to health committee and it doesn’t go well

During an Ohio legislative session this Tuesday, an anti-vax nurse tried to prove to the Ohio House Health Committee that the COVID vaccine magnetizes people’s bodies — by literally pressing a key and a bobby pin to her skin. ‘

The woman, who is reportedly a nurse, spoke after the testimony of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny earlier in the day, who argued in favor of House Bill 248, which would prevent businesses or government agencies to require vaccinations.

“Yes, vaccines do harm people,” the nurse said. “By the way, I just found out something when I was on lunch, and I want to show it to you. We were talking about Dr. Tenpenny’s testimony about magnetic vaccine crystals, so this is what I found out.”

“I have a key and a bobby pin here,” she said, pressing a key against her chest until it predictably stuck because skin can sometimes be sticky. “Explain to me here why the key sticks to me. It stick to my neck, too.”

The key, however, did not stick and immediately fell off. She then tried the bobby pin, which didn’t stick either.

“So if someone can explain to me, that would be great,” she said after her demonstration failed. “Any questions?”

Watch the video below:



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