Woman who attacked and beat cookie store owner over mask policy is sentenced to almost 4 years in prison

An Oregon woman who attacked a cookie shop owner over her store’s health policy was sentenced this Thursday to almost 4 years in prison, KLCC reported.

Amy Verlee Hall, 46, was sentenced to 46 months after her Jan 31 conviction on charges of assault, criminal trespassing, harassment, burglary, and disorderly conduct.

From KLCC: On Nov. 3, 2021, Hall and an accomplice, Rick Collin, confronted Deirdre Stirpe inside Crumb Together over her store’s pandemic face mask policy, which was in compliance with Oregon’s statewide directive at the time. Things turned violent, and after thrashing and screaming with the woman, Hall and Collin left the store with Stirpe’s bat. The pair were arrested shortly after showing their video of the incident to Eugene Police.

Video of the incident shows Hall and Collin enter the store in Eugene, Oregon, where they’re immediately met by Stirpe who tells them to leave. An argument ensues, and Hall gets face to face with Stirpe and pushes her. Stirpe then retrieves a baseball bat from a cupboard. “I f***ing dare you,” Hall says, before grabbing the bat from Stirpe and initiating a physical fight. Hall grabs hold of Stirpe’s hair and the two continue to grapple before Stirpe is eventually overpowered in the struggle. Hall and Collin (who took the bat from Stirpe during the struggle) retreat outside and later call the police. After interviewing the pair, police arrest them both for “assault.”

In addition to her sentence, Hall will be on three years probation after she’s released. She was also ordered to pay $1,185 in restitution to Hall for medical expenses.

Watch video of the incident below:

Video of the assault on Eugene Business! (Mods delete if already posted)
by u/SurrakPunchManyBears in Eugene

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