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Woman who attacked immigrant’s wife over her ‘Abolish ICE’ sticker is arrested and charged with felony assault

A woman who was caught on video assaulting another woman over an “Abolish ICE” sticker on her car has been arrested and charged with felony assault. Her husband, who also took part in the confrontation, has been fired from his job.

Moe Darling McLeod of Ilwaco, Washington, was filmed assaulting Alyssa Cuellar, whose husband is an immigrant, after Moe’s husband, Vince McLeod, verbally accosted Cueller over the sticker, the International Business Times reports.

Cuellar, who is an advocate for immigrants’ rights, recorded the incident on her phone, and claimed McLeod said, “Abolish ICE? F-ck you ya little C–t,” before she took out her phone and started recording. Cueller said he began recording in case Vince tried to damage her car.

“That my husband he’s a Marine, He’s not going to touch your car, you little c–t,” Moe tells Cueller in the video. “You’re a f—ing c–t.”

Noticing that Moe was accompanied by a child, Cuellar sarcastically told her that she was providing a “great example.”

As the couple began to walk away, Cueller told a bystander that the couple was harassing her for no reason, which prompted Moe to turn around and charge Cueller, swinging at her and causing her to drop her cellphone before a struggle took place. Moe is then heard telling a witness, “I didn’t touch her.”

Cueller later wrote on Facebook that Moe “ended up physically pulling me down to the cement after I finally regained my things she had previously scattered and broke, and proceeded to scratching my chest, my back, my glasses on the cement, my knee which is also now swollen and bruised.”

According to a press release from Astoria 911 Dispatch, Moe “was arrested and booked at the Clatsop County Jail on charges of Felony Assault IV, Disorderly Conduct II and Criminal Mischief II, stemming from an incident that took place at Safeway in Astoria on Sunday August 8th, at approximately 3:51 PM.”

In a Facebook post that is now private, Cueller said that Vince was fired from his job as a realtor.

Watch the video below:

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