Woman who died in custody pleaded with officers for her medication: ‘I don’t want to die in your cell’

An African American Cleveland woman is dead because her jailers allegedly failed to give her the medication she needed – even after she pleaded with them to do so.

I’m not asking for any exceptions to any rules,” 37-year-old Ralkina Jones told officers in a video released this Tuesday. “But I will tell you this — I don’t want to die in your cell.”

In spite of the fact that she clearly informed officers of her medical needs, she was ignored and died in her jail cell on July 26 as an apparent result.

From Cleveland.com:

In about a half hour worth of body camera footage released by Cleveland Heights police, Jones is seen discussing her various health issues with police officers at the jail. She expressed concern about her health, and emphasized that she needed to stay in contact with her family and take her prescriptions.

Jones, 37, listed at least five medical conditions for which she was being treated.

Jones told the officers she suffered from postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), which causes lightheadedness and fainting upon standing up. She also said she was taking medication for seizures, ADHD and depression.

Jones also told police about a brain injury she received from abuse from her ex-husband, the man who Jones was accused of assaulting the night of her arrest.

Jones’ sister in an earlier interview also said Jones had a heart murmur.

A few hours after her conversation with officers was recorded on July 25, Jones was taken to the doctor because she was acting “lethargic.” After being evaluated, she was released and sent back to the jail.

The morning at 7:30 a.m., the jail administrator found her unresponsive and she was pronounced dead.

Watch the video below via the New York Daily News:

[The Raw Story] Featured image via screen grab

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