Woman who hurled racist epithets at Black hotel worker threatened to ‘call Donald Trump’ when cops arrested her

A woman has been ordered to write an apology letter to a Black hotel worker after she racially abused him after he told her to quiet down, The Newburyport News reports.

While Julianne Douglas, 61, was banned from the hotel after police were called by staff. She became combative as police escorted her out of her room and then tried to keep officers from handcuffing her, resulting in a charge of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. In addition the apology letter, she was ordered to pay a $150 fee.

When the 24-year-old hotel worker asked her and a friend to tone down the noise in a common area about 10 p.m., Douglas replied, “of course you’re Black.”

“Douglas stated she was taking a bath and refused to exit the bathroom. I spoke to Douglas through the bathroom door and informed her that she was no longer welcome at the hotel and that she needed to leave the property. Douglas stated that she was not going to leave and that she was going to stay in her bath,” Rowley police Officer Lucas Tubbs wrote in his report.

“I explained to Douglas that she was no longer welcome on the property because she had violated quiet hours and verbally abused the staff. Douglas stated that she was ‘sick of this racial (expletive),’” Tubbs wrote.

“During the ride back to the police station, Douglas continued to scream about politics and stated that she was going to call Donald Trump,” Tubbs wrote.

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