Woman who was rescued from certain death on Mount Everest refuses to pay Sherpa who rescued her

A woman who almost died while climbing Mount Everest has allegedly refused to pay the Sherpa guide who rescued her, the South China Morning Post reported.

Two other mountain climbers who helped rescue the woman payed the Sherpa’s $10,000 rescue fee. The woman, who is from China, found unconscious at over 25,000 feet above sea level.

The 50-year-old unidentified woman was found by the Sherpa as he was escorting another person to summit. The other person agreed to help the woman, and in doing so abandoned his dream of reaching the summit.

Sherpa guides charge a standard fee of $8,000 to $10,000 to help mountaineers climb up Everest by guiding them in severe weather, preparing their equipment and carrying much of the gear.

When the woman had descended from the mountain, she refused to pay the full amount when asked by the Sherpa.

“Each of us paid the guide tips of US$1,800, and she said she would pay US$1,500 as tips. For the rescue fee of US$10,000, [the woman] said she would only pay US$4,000,” one of the climbers who assisted in her rescue said.

“I’ve been preparing to climb Mount Everest for 40 days and spent 400,000 yuan (US$56,000) on reaching this goal. I was unwilling to give up on my plan to reach the peak. What’s more, the rescue fee was paid by me. I don’t know what to say. I am just wondering why she is reluctant to pay,” the climber said.

After the news of the incident spread in mainland China, social media users denounced the woman.

“After this saga, will future climbers save or help others on Mount Everest? I think probably not. This woman has quashed the living hope of other climbers who get into trouble climbing Everest,” one commenter said.

“We should send her back to the mountain slope,” another person commented.

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