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Woman’s art exhibit selfie causes $200,000-worth of damage

At an art exhibition near Los Angeles’s historic Chinatown, a woman managed to destroy a whole row of art installations, causing over $200,000 in damage.

The moment was caught on video, and shows the woman crouching down to take the selfie, but then causing a chain reaction that caused the art displays to fall into each other like dominoes. According to reports, the incident happened two weeks and caused irreparable damage to some of the 12 crown-like sculptures, which were made from a variety of different materials, including precious metals, marble, wood, nylon and scrap metal, The Guardian reports.

The exhibition was put on by Hong Kong-based artist Simon Birch and a group of collaborators from around the world.

Speaking to Hyperallergic, one of the artists involved in the exhibition, Gloria Yu, said three sculptures were “permanently damaged” with other works damaged to “varying degrees.”

The approximate cost of damage is $200,000,” Yu said.

Watch the video below:

Featured image via screen grab

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