Women who told man to ‘go back to Mexico’ get ejected from restaurant after finding out he’s the manager

There’s a video going viral that shows two women berating a man in a Florida Burger King for speaking Spanish to an employee. Turns out, the man they were berating was the manager, who promptly told them to get out.

The video starts with one of the women telling the man, “When you’re in America, you should speak American English.”

“Go back to Mexico if you want to keep speaking Spanish,” the woman says in a video that was uploaded to Facebook this Saturday. “Go back to your Mexican country, your state.”

The man, whose name is Ricardo Castillo, isn’t from Mexico. He’s from Puerto Rico, and he also happens to be the manager of the restaurant where the two women were eating.

“I’m not Mexican,” Castillo told the women,” But you’re being very prejudiced and I want you out of my restaurant right now!”

When one of the woman demanded that she finish her meal first, Castillo was having none of it.

“You know what? I’ll do it for you, ma’am — I’ll call the cops,” he shot back.

The women eventually get the message and left without finishing their meal.

Speaking to the Daily Commercial, Castillo said he’s never experienced anything like what happened Saturday in all his 18 years of management.

“We get a lot of people here who come into the store and they don’t speak English, and we help them out with their orders,” he said.

After viewing the video, Castillo was certain he did the right thing.

“I was not disrespectful at any time, but I did tell them they had to leave the restaurant,” he said. “The only couple that was sitting down in the lobby was a Puerto Rican female and a Mexican guy. They told me after, ‘We felt offended.’ The best thing to do was to get the people out of the restaurant.”

“I can’t believe that at this age there’s still people like that,” he added. “We’re all the same. We’re all human beings. We bleed red.”

Watch the video below:

Featured image via screen grab

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