Working families: ‘We don’t care about Hillary Clinton’s emails’

During an early democratic debate, Bernie Sanders made news by defending Hillary Clinton, saying that the public doesn’t care about her “damn emails.” Sanders added that the situation would work itself out in a Federal investigation — where she may be indicted — but it should stay out of the news cycle.

This week, news broke that 22 emails on Clinton’s private email server were top secret, which, according to the law, is a national security risk.  The media jumped on the story and is now being used by right wing pundits and strategists as ammunition to take down Hillary once and for all.

Many Democratic voters are still highly supportive of Clinton, agreeing that the issues are much more important than anything else.

Fergal Murphy, a married father of two, wrote a letter to the Blue Nation Review explaining his continued support of the Democratic candidate:

“Working families like mine don’t give a damn about Hillary Clinton’s emails. We’re struggling to get by. My wife lost her job with a non-profit last month when their grant funding dried up. I bust my back 40+ hours a week at a lumber yard. We’re getting by on one paycheck and we have a mortgage to pay and kids to feed. I want to hear about the ISSUES – plans to create good paying jobs with health benefits. Paid leave. Work schedules I can rely upon.”

Murphy explained that his son was born with developmental delays, but is now currently in seventh grade and on the honor roll because of social programs that Clinton fought for.

He continues:

My wife got the chance to meet Hillary at an event recently. She told her our son’s story. Hillary probably hears thousands of these stories, but my wife could tell she was deeply moved. During her comments later, she looked my wife straight in the eye as she mentioned the importance of early childhood education. This lady “gets it!”

Hillary connects with working families like ours every single day. She has a deep understanding of what keeps us awake at night with worry and is fighting to make our lives a little bit easier. She started fighting for our kids 30 years before they were even born – that’s why we’re fighting for her now.

Many voters are still won over by Clinton’s dedication and her ability to directly connect with her supporters. In a Facebook post, Keith F. Thompson wrote about meeting her at an event, where he had the chance to tell her about the difficulties of supporting his elderly mother.

The crowd roared as Secretary Clinton was introduced, and she gave one of the best speeches I have heard. Then amazingly, she reached the part of the speech where she quietly talks about the challenges facing ordinary Americans, and there, right on the spot, she adjusts her speech to include me! If you see a clip from the speech where she says she just met with a young man backstage who had to take a part time job to allow him to care for his mother, that’s me. (And she called me a YOUNG man. That will win my vote all over again!)

Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

If Hillary Clinton weren’t already my candidate, she would be now.

Clinton has continued to win new supporters during the campaign, even in light of the alleged scandal. One progressive commentator was won over by Clinton after taking the time to read the publicly released emails. Anna Whitlock was surprised to find a passionate, dedicated, and caring side of the candidate.

She writes:

I found a woman who cared about employees who lost loved ones. I found a woman who, without exception, took time to write notes of condolence and notes of congratulations, no matter how busy she was. I found a woman who could be a tough negotiator and firm in her expectations, but still had a moment to write a friend with encouragement in tough times. She worried over people she didn’t know, and she worried over those she did.

And everywhere she went, her concern for women and children was ​clearly ​the first and foremost ​thing on her mind.

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