‘World Leaders With Man Buns’ is why Photoshop was invented

For all the hell that the Internet has unleashed on the world, there are still pockets of genius amongst its users that remind us why the sites such as Reddit and Imgur are a necessity.

Thanks to this series of images that made the rounds this week, it’s finally clear why Photoshop was invented. Man buns are a hotly debated topic. Cool? Euro trash import? But when they’re seamlessly placed on the heads of world leaders past and present, something special happens.

It all started when the folks at DesignCrowd came across an image of Donald Trump sporting a man bun. They then launched a competition by asking their fans to submit their own man bun makeovers of world leaders.

The results were better than expected:

bun 1bun 2bun 3bun 5bun 6bun 7bun 8bun 9bun 10bun 11bun 12bun 13bun 14

[UNILAD] Featured image via DesignCrowd

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