World’s Largest Study of Same-Sex Families Shows Children Are Thriving

In a groundbreaking attempt to study children raised in families headed by same-sex couples, results have shown that these children are not only thriving, but show a higher rate of family cohesion than families headed by heterosexual couples.

The Australian Study of Child Health in Same-Sex Families has found that “there is no statistical difference between the children of same-sex couples and the rest of the population on indicators including self-esteem, emotional [behavior] and the amount of time spent with parents.”

The study is the largest ever of its kind and focuses on 500 children across the country of Australia.

The report went on to say that “children of same-sex couples scored higher than the national average for overall health and family cohesion, measuring how well a family gets along.”

According to lead researcher Dr. Simon Crouch, “Because of the situation that same-sex families find themselves in, they are generally more willing to communicate and approach the issues that any child may face at school, like teasing or bullying.”

The Australian Senate rejected marriage equality last September and will not take the issue up again until the next general election. Whether or not the latest developments in research will have any effect on the debate is yet to be seen.

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