You know things are bad when the Nixon Library is trolling Trump

In the age of Trump, the verified social media pages of government departments and corporations are getting more and more outspoken when it comes to social issues and the politics of the day. Now that President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey is being called “Nixonian,” the administrators of the official Twitter account for the Nixon Library felt compelled to speak up.

Nixon, who was drowning in the Watergate scandal at the time, did fire a government employee who was in charge of investigating him, but it wasn’t the FBI Director. It was the special prosecutor appointed to investigate Watergate, Archibald Cox.

Using the hashtag, #notNixonian, the Nixon Library’s tweet this Tuesday alluded to the difference:

One could definitely argue that Nixon’s firing of a special prosecutor charged with investigating him was worse than Trump’s action, so it’s an interesting way for them to attempt to differentiate the two administrations. One Twitter user pointed this out, and the Nixon Library actually acknowleged it:

Either way, Twitter got a kick out of it:

[H/T A.V. Club]

Sky Palma

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