Young Christian preacher: ‘Atheists drink coke all day and are addicted to video games’

Matt Powell is a young Christian preacher with only a small YouTube following, but one of his videos is getting a lot of attention this week. In a video uploaded to his own channel titled, “22 Year Old Preacher Rants Against Atheist Losers,” Powell laments how atheists “freak out” whenever the subject of evolution is brought up.

“Why would I [believe in evolution]? It’s stupid,” Powell said, adding that atheists who believe in evolution “actually defy science.”

“Because we live in a school where it’s just ‘fill in the blank,'” he continued. “They’re not taught to logic, they’re not taught to reason. I thank God I was in a home where I at least got taught how to logic.”

Taught to logic? So what he’s doing in the video is considered ‘logicking’?

“You know what all these atheists have in common? Video games! They all play video games!” he declared.

Then things got even more incoherent:

“They can’t think for themselves! They sit back and they drink Coke all day, and sit behind the video game system, and then wonder why, ‘Oh, you’re crazy, Brother Paul, for believing in a Creator! Oh, you’re insane.’ No, you’re crazy, and you need to get off the video game system, and somebody needs to preach to him the gospel of Jesus Christ and so that they can be saved!”

“That’s what we need,” he concluded. “And I’m sick and tired of these stinking video games messing with people.”

In another video apparently taken from the same sermon, Powell offers his “proof” that evolution is a “fraud.”

“But that’s how atheists are; they’re like little magicians — you know, you gotta bring out the big numbers, try to be impressive, you know.”

According to Powell, atheists’ calculations about the sun mean that “just one million years ago, the sun would have completely engulfed the earth.”

“That’s a scientific fact,” he says confidently before saying that scientists are hiding evidence that disproves evolution.

Powell probably has big hopes of being the next viral YouTube preacher. But if he wants that to happen, he should probably work on making his lies sound a little more rehearsed.

[H/T Friendly Atheist] Featured image via screen grab/YouTube

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