Young-earth creationist to AOC: Hell is the only form of climate change you need to worry about

Ken Ham thinks the earth is around 6,000 years-old. He also thinks dinosaurs rode alongside humans on Noah’s Ark (he built a whole theme park based on that idea), so it shouldn’t be that surprising that he doesn’t accept the science behind climate change.

In a rant early this morning on Twitter, Ham zeroed in on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s recent comments about climate change, where she suggested that whether or not to have children is a “legitimate question” in light of the impending climate change catastrophe.

“So ‘The Sky is Falling’ climate alarmist Ocasio-cortez (remember Al Gore’s failed predictions!) has a brilliant idea–people need to think about stop having children!” Ham tweeted. “Brilliant! That way humans would become extinct!”

Ham then quoted a verse from the bible that characterizes the earth as indestructible, and added, “Remember, Al Gore’s climate predictions failed, but God’s Word doesn’t change & never fails.”

According to Ham, AOC and anyone else concerned about climate change are missing the bigger threat: eternal damnation.

“But the climate change AOC needs to really be alarmed about, is the one coming when she & everyone else will stand before God: ‘…the heavens and earth that now exist are stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly’ (2 Peter 3:7). Oh,” he tweeted.

Ham calls AOC an “alarmist,” but there’s nothing more alarmist than telling someone they’re going to hell for having an opinion about science.

[Friendly Atheist]

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