Your prayers are answered: Watch Michele Bachmann and Bernie Sanders face off on CNN

It doesn’t get any more ideologically opposed than this; Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) went head-to-head on CNN’s The Situation Room this Monday afternoon, and the result was 13 minutes of tension to the point of boiling over – with Bachmann revealing herself to be a little scared to reaffirm her policy positions.

The topic of discussion was income inequality, which is likely going to be a major focus of President Obama’s State of the Union speech this Tuesday. But during the segment, the discussion ventured to subjects such Wall Street regulations and early childhood, education amongst other things.

Sanders fired the first volley, charging that the GOP wants to cut Social Security. But Bachmann claimed that the charges were without merit.

“That is absolutely a lie. It’s brought up all the time and it’s a lie,” Bachmann shot back. “Let’s face it, Senator Sanders. You shouldn’t be lying about what our position is.”

When Sanders asked her directly if she supports “chained CPI” and raising the minimum wage, Bachmann refused to answer, choosing instead to repeatedly talk over Sanders and address CNN host Wolf Blitzer, who was doing a terrible job at moderating the exchange.

After repeated attempts, Sanders finally managed to get Bachmann to admit that she did not support a raise in the minimum wage, but instead supported tax breaks for corporations — which in her view will create jobs.

Watch the heated exchange in the video below:

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